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Brochure Design

Below is a small sample of the brochure design work that I have done fairly recently.
Feel free to scroll down through the examples / information (images enlarge once clicked).
Book Brochure Design
designClient: Cengage Learning
Project: A 6 page folded brochure to promote custom publishing solutions

About: Cengage Learning publishes educational textbooks and digital learning solutions for education centres the world over. As a part of their drive to capture the dwindling purchase of printed matter, they have introduced custom solutions, so that a lecturer may cut sections from any Cengage textbook and introduce their own material to make a bespoke textbook for their course. This brochure sells the benefits of custom publishing solutions to lecturers.
Honda Brochure Design
designClient: Honda Motorcycles Europe
Project: Motorcycle brochures – multiple European languages

About: Honda motorcycles obviously need no introduction, I have worked on these brochures for an agency called Impact for quite a few years now. The brochure design had to allow for at least a third more copy space when working it out visually as it had to be populated with all the European languages. I also heavily retouched the photography, bringing it up a level to the products international standard.
Beauty Brochure Design
designClient: Fuss Beauty
Project: Brochure for a beauty salon

About: Fuss Beauty required an eye-catching brochure design that didn't contain stereotypical imagery, so that they could stand out in an overcrowded market. Together with the website design, I developed a series of illustrations which define the brand & beauty sectors they cover.
Computer Brochure Design
designClient: Research Machines
Project: Brochure for computers (schools)

About: Research machines, or RM Computers as they are known have been building and supplying computers to schools since 1977, With Apple entering the schools market with heavily subsidised computing, they needed to re-brand their top end computer range, that's where I stepped in with a radical departure from their usual image, the brochure was to be designed cleanly, contemporary yet corporate, introducing ICT buyers to their dedicated educational computers.
Banking Design
designClient: ORX
Project: Various designs of reports for the banking sector

About: ORX are a member owned organisation that primarily helps banks pool their loss data together and anonymously redistribute it amongst members so that they have a larger benchmark of data in which to calculate loss risks when loaning money. Of course they do offer a considerable amount of other services in addition but they are all complimentary to the central theme. I have designed and developed a series of brochures for their products, press releases and annualised data reports.
Hotel Brochure Design
designClient: Chartridge Conference Centres
Project: Promotional brochure design for conference centres company

About: Chartridge required a brochure design to promote conference centres to corporate companies around the UK. The design utilises maps to show that their 5 centres cover off most of the UK and are in premier locations with fantastic facilities. The brochure was also sent out to event agencies in the UK.
Fishing Brochure Design
designClient: Imperial Tobacco
Project: Focus on fishing reward catalogue

About: Imperial Tobacco used to have a rewards points system for one of it's brands, over the years at DC, one of my jobs was to design the rewards catalogues, with this fishing based one, I used the long rods to create an elegant fan, imposed over nicely feathered hero photography. The cover wasn't done in photoshop, it was done in a studio with paddling pool and real fish, it was really funny to do!
Book Design
designClient: Guardsman
Project: Sales training brochure – 'Success Book'

About: Guardsman are in a fairly unique position in that their products are sold as bolt-on products in other retailers stores. In order for Guardsman to make their sales (and for stores to make a commission), then it was essential that all sales staff were informed as to how to sell on the insurance plans. This brochure was designed to as walk-through as to how, why and what in relation to product sales, including actual live case studies of example insured repairs.
Media Pack Design
designClient: Toy Shop UK
Project: Mediapack design

About: As a website directory that offers free listings to all toy related businesses in the UK, ToyShop UK needed a media pack to offer it's clients a chance to upgrade to premium listings in order to promote their business better. The simple pack was designed in the style of the website, showing the various statistics on offer in relation to enhanced listings.
Product Brochure Design
designClient: Keratex
Project: Product brochure design

About: 12 page product brochure for the award winning equine brand, Keratex. The 16 products had to be laid out according to their sales volume and category, so a little juggling of the layout was needed to get the balance right. The brochure is used by distributors, farriers and handed out at equine trade exhibitions and has increased product uptake by a decent percentage.
Annual Report Design
designClient: Somer Community Housing Trust
Project: Annual report for Somer – a not for profit housing company in Bath

About: Somer Community Housing Trust owns and manages around 9,700 homes in Somerset, Wiltshire, Gloucestershire and Bristol. As a part of their trust status, they are required to supply annual reports for the years accounts, the design shown above broke the mould as Somer used to just feature their staff, by introducing the people they help, it gave the brochure a friendlier feel to those receiving it.
Prospectus Design
designClient: Safeclean
Project: 12pp prospectus design

About: Above is a brochure that Safeclean required at a franchisee exhibition in order to generate new business owners in certain empty territories. The brochure walked through the various features and benefits of becoming part of the Safeclean team above and beyond that of any other similar business opportunities available at the show.
Technology Brochure Design
designClient: Call Centre Technology
Project: 4pp brochure design

About: CCT is an established telecommunications centre solutions provider, experts in Avaya technology and specialise in the design, implementation and support of communication centres – with more than 1000 sites globally. They have been responsible for implementing some of the largest contact centres. The CCT brochure was aimed at prospective clients.
IT Brochure Design
designClient: Projectwon
Project: 8pp brochure design with folder back

About: An 8pp brochure with a folder section in the back are used to convey their IT training services. This folder section allowed for inter-changeable inserts to detail individual courses that they offer so that they could tailor the brochure to the individual company requirements during mail shots. These individual course inserts were printed on an office printer over a pre-printed background, otherwise the overall brochure would have been the size of a small book if it had covered everything.

If you like what you have seen, then why not get in contact and see how I can help you with your next brochure design. More brochures will be uploaded, please check back for updates...