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Packaging Design

Below is a small selection of the packaging design that I have done fairly recently.
Feel free to scroll down through the examples / information (images enlarge once clicked).
Wine Label Design
designClient: Antares Wine Chile
Project: Wine label design

About: Antares is the name of the Southern Star, for which this brand of wine is named after and the concept behind these bottles. I have used a series of photoshopped images to mimic the star in three different situations to depict the different grape varieties. Also created the logo to help boost the brand image, an adapted typographic version of a font. I have also used gold and silver globes to mimic the winning of wine taste awards, which unless carefully viewed doesn't mean anything, but assists with impulse purchases.
Chocloate Packaging Designer
designClient: Duc d'O
Project: Redesign Belgian chocolate brand

About: This premium chocolate manufacturer originally had a design that looked a little on the cheap side for the product it contained, the original packaging was in a poor quality recycled stock and literally absorbed light out of the display. So the first thing was to up the quality of the paper and the print and introduce better photography. The final image was uplifted by photoshopping the logo into a 'faux' gold. With the crisp white, matt laminated board box packaging it now jumps off the shelf in a predominantly dark packaged environment.
Biscuit Packaging Designer
designClient: Crawfords
Project: Traditional biscuit packaging re-design

About: Arrowroot Thins hold a small market sector and sit alongside better known brands of rich tea biscuits and are predominantly eaten by pensioners. The concept attempted to expand the market share by making the product look crisp and fresh by sitting the product alongside colour coded strong continental coffee and an up to date graphic background. The quality and micron level of the packaging film were increased to make the product look a lot better quality.
Promotional Packaging Design
designClient: Newtree
Project: Promotional packaging design

About: Promotional advent calendar style packaging to promote new chocolate range launched in the UK. The brochure packaging held four different chocolate hits that could be opened through the week. These chocolates contained unusual ingredients and the concept of the hinged advent pockets was to reconnect adults with their childhood memories and produce an extra emotional response when tasting the chocolate. The outer of the packaging was also designed to mimic the full sized bars. I also designed a spoof seed package for one of the ingredients 'lavender' to accompany the package.
Car Wrap Designer
designClient: Osram
Project: Mini car wrap

About: Ok, so not strickly packaging but the principles are similar, this mini was used to promote a new light bulb type, the car was driven around to all the distributors around the UK where they were encouraged to stock and push the new bulb to builders, architects and interior designers. The distributor with the highest sales figures would win the Mini.
New Product Launch Design
designClient: Keratex
Project: New product launch

About: Keratex needed to launch a new product into the UK market, they had an existing packaging style devised by a previous designer which needed to be followed. The style consisted of the blue band and a secondary aqua colour, as this was Keratex's first foray into food supplements I decided to develop a supplementary colour scheme of magenta and intruduce the sky for all new feed supplements. I also expanded on their current horse image by introducing a sign post stuck into the ground and used the sun as graphic elements to introduce secondary text, whereas it had previously gone over the horse.

If you like what you have seen, then why not get in contact and see how I can help you with your next packaging design. More packaging designs will be uploaded, please check back for updates...