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Map Design

Below is a small sample of the maps that I have done, feel free to scroll down through the examples and basic descriptions (images enlarge once clicked).
Glastonbury Festival Map
designClient: WNY Productions and Glastonbury Festival
Project: Map design to enable contractor access to set up the Left Field Arena
View PDF: Glastonbury Festival Map PDF
Lambeth Country Show Map
designClient: WNY Productions and Lambeth Country Show
Project: Access map for the event contractors of the Lambeth Country Show
Bath, Bristol Map Design
designClient: Local Business Consultancy
Project: 2 Maps to show the locations of their Bristol and Bath offices. The Ideal routes were calculated from the main access directions into either city, these routes are highlighted in white show the ideal access routes and the rest of the roads are subdued in a tint in a way to discourage use.
Trading Area Map Design
designClient: Local Business
Project: Example showing the trading areas of a local tradesman
Travel Map Design
designClient: Conference Company
Project: 2 Maps to show how the locations of their conference centres and the capture areas so that a potential client can assess the best centre in relation to it's staff travel.
Travel Map Design
designClient: Bath by Cycle
Project: A series of cycle maps showing the routes in and around Bath.
Shown in-situ so you can see the maps in context as part of the wider design.

If you like what you have seen, then why not get in contact and see how I can help you if you are needing a map on it's own or part of a larger project.